Experience unparalleled security solutions customized for you

Weather finance, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, or beyond. Our dedicated team ensures top-tier protection aligned with your unique needs. Whether safeguarding assets, events or premises, trust us to deliver robust security services. Stay ahead of threats with tailored solutions from experts who understand your sector intricately. Your peace of mind is our priority—partner with us for unrivaled security excellence.

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Manned Guarding

Secure your premises with our expert manned guarding services. Our trained officers offer reliable protection, quick emergency response, and thorough monitoring, ensuring peace of mind.

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Security Risk Assessments

Ensure your safety with our comprehensive security risk assessments tailored for you. Our expert evaluations identify vulnerabilities and enable proactive security measures.

Security and protection system

CCTV & Surveillance

Enhance your security with our advanced CCTV & surveillance services. Our expert solutions offer peace of mind with real-time monitoring, reliable recording, and rapid response capabilities.

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Why Choose Ameko Homeland Security for your security needs

Our guard training program features a stringent selection and training process, guaranteeing that we meet our customers' needs and uphold the integrity of their operations. All newly hired guards must have at least 12 years of formal education, proficiency in English and Kiswahili, a certificate of good conduct, satisfactory references (including a letter from the local Chief), a National I.D. card, and must be medically fit.

During Training, the guards are taken through the following lessons

Foot Drills | Use of equipment | Customer care | Radio communication Preventive security aspects | Workplace safety

Competitive Pricing Aligned with Tailored Risk Assessments

We have priced our security solutions competitively and tailored them to your needs based on on-site risk assessments. We stand out in emergency response times, monitoring, reporting, and the training and experience of our security officers.

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